Why Did Old Telephone Numbers Stop Using Letters?

Why Did Old Telephone Numbers Stop Using Letters?

There was a time when telephones used to have letters as their keypads. Yes! Alphabets. For example, KA9-9900, KA9 being the area code or the street code. Or maybe, a company or any artist used to have numbered as 2-1500-PAINTER, or 8-1600-THOMAS. It made me remember the numbers more efficiently and with proper understanding. The area code could easily segregate the different regions. It also generated the benefit for adequate remembering and advertising.

Standing on the 21st century, we do not need or instead we do not use the letters as our telephone numbers, anymore. There are also some demerits of it, like; different countries follow different letters for various meanings. Like for example, a 76PR, referring to Porter in one state, may indicate President in another country. Similarly, a 555-SZ-1999, refer to a school zone of 555 area, for one country, but a Special Zone of 555 Street Number, for another country. So, often cross connection and misunderstanding can lead to confusion. An essential and robust uniformity is not maintained. Usually 1 and 0 were confused with I or O. For example, 06-1800-1933(06-1800-FUNPARK) and 06-I800-I933 (06-I800-FUNPARK) can lead to misdialed calls, to some totally different place only because of 1 and I. The Fun Park with 1 in it can refer to a large amusement park, but an I in Fun park can maybe just a small playground for little evening gatherings, in an entirely different place.

Moreover, in such a new century, letters on the phone are only used for sending messages and for typing information and updating data. Fir dialing calls, numbers are enough. Due to the + system (code for various codes), identifying a country becomes much easier. For eg. +91 for India, + 93 for Afghanistan etc. Only 26 letters may not suffice for several countries. It started from the 1920s and went on till 1960s.

One digit used to represent three letters, leading to network problem and further confusion. For example, 2=A,B,C, then, 3=D,E,F. But nowadays, for testing purposes, it is not a problem.

The people loved the literary essence of the dial pads so much that, even it is famous in popular culture like, in Thomas Stewart’s film “Call Northside 777”.Radio show including, Candy Matson, Yukon 2-8209. The ancient influence of old telephonic alphabets may not be prevalent in today’s era, but still, it holds a nostalgic flavor.

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